Victoria is a British interior designer and artist.  She is fascinated with the power of the human environment to uplift our spirit and quality of life.  Victoria is skilled in blending elements from different styles and periods to create stylish, inspirational living spaces. Adept at using colour to enhance and energise the home, Victoria draws from global influences, history and contemporary design, and is often inspired by nature, exotic flora and fauna.  She keeps ahead of trends by creating timeless interiors and artwork with her own signature voice. Since founding her studio in 2020, Victoria has worked on a broad range of commissions from interior design to illustration for luxury homes and boutiques.  Recognising every project is unique, Victoria works closely with clients to ensure their vision is brought to life.  Her designs are sophisticated yet practical and comfortable, providing an uplifting experience for everyday living. 

She has Masters degrees in Architecture & Environmental Design and Sustainability.  She previously pursued an academic career creating homes, basic shelter and infrastructure for communities living in poverty in developing countries, for which she received a PhD from Cambridge University, UK.  After which she returned to her creative roots completing a Diploma in Interior Design.